Electronic Arts

Politics may continue to flavour the headlines, what with the President-elect, still just elect. Indeed, given the flurry of memes suggesting it might need the National Guard to coax a barricaded President Trump out of the West Wing’s attic, there is still some way to go. That said, a market that pivoted from a Blue-Wave-is-good,… Read More Electronic Arts

Six Flags

Oh la la. The betting odds swung this way then that, the spit flew and the back prickled. Election day had it all. Whilst results are not yet known, what is known is that the election is now over. A few postal votes need to be added up, a few swing states need to nail… Read More Six Flags


After all the brouhaha and finger pointing, this week there will be a winner. At least, that’s what markets hope – indeed, what they crave. A long, drawn out lawyer-fest, rich in legal speak and itchy accusations this way and that, is not what is needed as Covid cases surge and many developed markets shut… Read More Powell


“It is very, very infrequent, think less than one percent of the time, that there’s someone that would be called competitive in that deal”. This comment came from the management team of Gartner, the global research and advisory firm, at an analyst day last year in response to a question from an analyst who was… Read More Gartner


As the leaves turn and the nights close in, it would be easy to start batch cooking with an eye on filling up the freezer. The news is all bad. It’s going to be a long winter. And a digital winter at that, if new lockdown restrictions don’t flatten the curve. These are, extraordinary times;… Read More Consumer


At a time when businesses are reeling, fighting to reposition, to cut costs and survive as Covid decimates demand, the results from the credit bureau Equifax this week spoke to a very different backdrop. Revenue surged through $1bn for the first time ever, printing the third straight quarter of double digit revenue growth. Indeed, the… Read More Equifax


There will be many long-term changes to behaviour as a result of the Covid pandemic. Many habits, views, and ways of doing things will shift. The world, perhaps, will be seen through a different lens. The books will come, so too in time, when vaccines allow it and the scriptwriters are done, the Hollywood films.… Read More Payments

Crown Holdings

There is no more powerful a trend in markets than that of sustainability, and one that is no more evident than in the world of packaging. When it comes to packaging, consumers are driving change. Tired with images of floating islands of plastic waste, there is overwhelming demand for beverage containers to be sustainable. As… Read More Crown Holdings


The statistics are well aired. Year-to-date the S&P has been dragged up by a handful of stocks. Markets are now, as any taxi driver will tell you, crowded. Stay-at-home day-traders have also got a taste for the go-go momentum and piled in. In size. At the other end of the market, many stocks have been… Read More Extremes


A stray tweet from the deep leather armchairs of the White House, and the newly symptom-free President walloped risk assets. No more speaks with the Democrats. The latest, trillion-dollar sized, stimulus bill is now dead in the water. Volatility spiked, stocks fell. With near term risks elevated, it is challenging for investors to gaze beyond… Read More T-Mobile