Q1 kicked off, the vista changed Gone the feelings, locked down, so strange; Economies thawed, restrictions, rules No more baking and no home school…. Rotation afoot, as yields lurched higher Energy sang like a male voice choir; By far the worst of the year just gone Was about to run, and run and run. Growth… Read More 2021


For all the promising developments at COP26, it is somewhat uncomfortable to read that 2021 will see power generated from coal at its highest ever level. As in thermal coal, by far and away the dirtiest source of electricity generation currently available. Part of the reason for this is down to a global economy emerging… Read More Connections


As the market cap of Apple balloons through a still hard to believe $3 trillion, analysts are left scrambling to upgrade their forecasts and lavish ever more compliments on a stock that now dominates the S&P 500. One analyst even chose this week out of all weeks, to upgrade to a ‘BUY!’ with a somewhat… Read More Coyote


Like it or not, if the developed world wants to play its part in saving the planet things need to change. This is not just about scrolling Autotrader for an affordable EV or googling ‘domestic heat pump’ or ditching the big summer flyaway, it runs deeper. Consume less. Live more. And live a bit more… Read More Circular


With the Fed balance sheet set to balloon to $9 trillion, effectively setting this coming Spring as the watermark of ‘peak’ stimulus, there is still plenty of zizz in the pop from the Central Bank sponsored punch bowl. And – analysts are quick to point out – it takes one year for that peak stimulus… Read More Shopping


As the COP26 banners come down Glasgow can revert, once more, to a rhythm of rain and football. The delegates have gone. The promises have been made. The handshakes done. The general view of the high-profile climate jamboree was lots of hope, high ambition and good intentions, tinged with frustration. Frustration over a lack of… Read More Carbon