The recent strike at agricultural equipment maker Deere, was the first mass downing of tools at the Illinois based company in thirty five years. The production line slowed to a grind as fraught looking managers did what they could to keep the shiny green tractors rolling off the assembly line. The company report numbers this… Read More Demand


Two-way, two-way. After an up and down week, in which inflation data singed the tape, bread rolls continue to be lobbed by suited and booted economists who appear poles apart on the near-term outlook. Some suggest inflation is only going to get hotter pointing to further upward pressure from used cars and owners’ equivalent rent,… Read More Bunfight


Friday’s employment report had the risk-on crowd up on their feet. Unemployment rate down, hours worked up. Indeed average hourly earnings increased at a recently unheard of 5% annual clip, and the ‘income proxy’ – think hours worked multiplied by average hourly earnings – surged. This matters as the income proxy drives wages and salaries… Read More Tennis


If the S&P is fuelled on earnings, it’s no wonder the buyers are buying into all time highs. The recent corporate melee has seen the all-important what’s-in-the tin number come in much better than already toned up forecasts. S&P Q3 earnings look like it will hit a final reading of $215. And those earnings are… Read More Burgers