In late 2019 Philip Morris was added to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) North America which recognised, in the eyes of the tobacco giant’s suited PR, the company’s “exemplary sustainability performance” and “best in class” performance against the DJSI’s apparent wobbly ESG metrics. It’s a development that jars with the view of the World… Read More Scoring


‘It’s not going to be normal by September’ so the readership of the FT was bluntly informed, many apparently reeling from a market sell-off that left headline indices just a tick or two off all-time highs. The fast spreading ‘delta’ variant, by all accounts, having put paid to the much-vaunted reflation trade and hopes of… Read More Surprise

Stage left

Whilst the market skulks about at giddy all-time highs there is stuff happening below the surface. Violent rotations: out of this, into that, recoiling from data that is starting to come off the boil. The 30-year bond yield just stooped below 2% for the first time since February, shepherding skittish investors back into the growth… Read More Stage left