Tracking the short term data is always a messy affair. The data is noisy, distorted by weather, holidays and the occasional error by those filling in the forms. That said, the tone tells a tale. The soft shift in patterns allows insights to be gleaned. When it comes to the economy, there is evidence across… Read More Consumer


It appears dresses are back in fashion. So too, special outfits like prom get-gos and the all-encompassing and verdant pick-me-out tones of the ‘mother of the bride’. And as the weather heats up and vaccines snuff out the virus, the consumer is getting back into denim. Macy’s CEO Jeffrey Gennette was just one of the… Read More Turnaround


Whilst there continues to be plenty of steamy discussion and hot collared dispute over the means by which the ever increasing body of experts actually measure ESG, there is an indisputable momentum behind the push for organisations of all shapes and sizes to get it on the agenda. And get it on fast. Stakeholders demand… Read More Healthcare

Mad Men

The high-octane series Mad Men lit up living rooms with the rich and vivid goings on of 1960s Madison Avenue, and showered the power age of advertising in glamour and a lot of martini. The phrase Mad Men was supposedly a slang term used to describe the tight-suited movers and shakers, Mad being short for… Read More Mad Men


As investors prickle and itch and try to weigh up whether the ongoing avalanche of data, anecdotal reports and corporate murmurings portent nothing more than shrug-of-the-shoulders passing of inflationary mist – and the Federal Reserve do indeed have it all under control – it is no surprise to see the tape turn red. The froth… Read More Volatility


Given how dark it got in the dark days of the pandemic when everything all but stopped, it should not be a huge surprise that mutterings of ‘inflation’ on Q1 conference calls a year on, are more of a cacophony of Hairy Maclary and Scarface Claw stuck-up-a-tree type proportions. Use of the word is up… Read More Payrolls