Neglected growth

Whilst emojis appear to be the new pitchforks, the mob is after the shorts, feeding a frenzy in stock activity that has made front page headlines the world over. GameStop, once a forlorn bricks-and-mortar video game retailer, is now the talk of the town, and breaking the P&Ls of hedge funds who levered up the… Read More Neglected growth


With the Federal Reserve now lining up next to Janet Yellen, a lady au fait with the policies of monetary largesse, there should be no surprise to see the stock market being stretched to all-time highs – albeit where headline valuations are only deemed palatable when compared to bond prices long manipulated by the long,… Read More ADP


With the price of container shipping, wheat, lumber and host of other commodities tearing higher, there is no escaping the baked in readings of higher inflation that are coming down the pipe. Oil went negative last year, today it’s comfortably north of $50. The market might read the numbers as transitory but that won’t stop… Read More Willscot


If 2020 was strange, the start of 2021 with Washington locked down as Capitol Hill was all but looted takes it to another level. No wonder the Queen, via Twitter, officially cancelled the year after just one week. That said, for active managers, the performance clock is reset, which means ideas. New ideas. Preferably ideas… Read More Vertiv