Black is normally associated with negative events. Like the Panic of 1869 when a couple of ‘up-and-at-em’ financiers conspired to corner the gold market; or the white-lipped 1987 crash when the Dow got handed it, tumbling more than 20% one quiet Monday. Black Friday today though, is very different. A day to kow-tow to modern… Read More Retail


It’s game on for those value managers still in business, and the dance floor is quickly filling up as vaccine headlines spark talk of a sustained period of leadership for the down-trodden art. And yet the buy-it-cheap approach comes as Covid uncertainty persists, PMIs are near record territory, financial conditions are pretty much as-good-as-it-gets and… Read More NXP


It would seem the normal process of democratic elections, that being vote, count up votes, and announce winner, has found a sticky wicket in the Western world’s leading democracy. Days passed, then weeks and still no confirmation. Autocrats around the world must be enjoying the spectacle of a marginalised leader refusing to accept what looks… Read More Education


There have been many so-called lockdown winners. Flour was one. For those with a new-found taste to bake, the summer shelves were bare. Barren. Puppies also saw a surge in demand, with pukka labs trading on valuation multiples that would shock even a Crufts going regular. E-commerce was another, as we all know. Indeed, it’s… Read More eBay


The market clearly has a lot to think about on Google. Latterly it has all been about regulation. The recent US antitrust kerfuffle has been fanned by the prospect of a new Biden administration, and what policies those in the left of the party might try and bounce their man into. Now the antitrust complaint… Read More Google

Electronic Arts

Politics may continue to flavour the headlines, what with the President-elect, still just elect. Indeed, given the flurry of memes suggesting it might need the National Guard to coax a barricaded President Trump out of the West Wing’s attic, there is still some way to go. That said, a market that pivoted from a Blue-Wave-is-good,… Read More Electronic Arts

Six Flags

Oh la la. The betting odds swung this way then that, the spit flew and the back prickled. Election day had it all. Whilst results are not yet known, what is known is that the election is now over. A few postal votes need to be added up, a few swing states need to nail… Read More Six Flags


After all the brouhaha and finger pointing, this week there will be a winner. At least, that’s what markets hope – indeed, what they crave. A long, drawn out lawyer-fest, rich in legal speak and itchy accusations this way and that, is not what is needed as Covid cases surge and many developed markets shut… Read More Powell