Indexed out

As the reopening of state economies started to stir the animal spirits, Trump had seen enough. “Stock market up BIG” he tweeted one handed, before pausing and thinking it best for the fan-base to go all in. Tap tap, tap tap: “The transition to greatness has started“. For supporters, the good news is that this… Read More Indexed out

A crude time

Smashed. The oil complex is in tatters. Amidst the break-up of OEPC, negative prices, and widespread job losses, the sector is fighting for survival. On April 26th the driller, Diamond Offshore, collapsed under a mountain of debt. It wasn’t the first and, as losses mount, it won’t be the last. Medium term a higher oil… Read More A crude time


As part of its recent quarterly report, Fiserv announced that long-standing CEO Jeff Yabuki would be transitioning to Executive Chairman, to be replaced by COO and ex-CEO of First Data, Frank Bisigano. Fiserv snapped up First Data in 2019 as part of an industry wide push to combine bank and merchant technology and this deal,… Read More Fiserv

Biden his time

It is easy to forget it is an election year. Having spent much of his Presidency painting Twitter in exclamation marks, a sick economy presents a sticky problem for Trump’s re-election campaign. It is likely he will be heading to the polls with some of the ugliest unemployment data of any sitting President. And of… Read More Biden his time